• "As a business traveler, husband & father, Street Smart is the perfect product to keep my family and I safe!"

    -Don from Grand Island, NY


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As a business traveler, husband and father, Street Smart is the perfect product to keep my family and I safe.-Don from Grand Island, NY
"Street Smart is AWESOME!"-Steve from Buffalo, NY

Areas to Avoid In the 10 Most Dangerous Cities

   Tuesday, 25 October 2011 00:00

Below is a excellent article that is on The Atlantic website that names the 10 most dangerous cities in the US and demonstrates how population and violent crime statistics including rapes, murders and assaults are used to establish the weighted potential risk of violent crimes. 


As stated in the article, it is undeniable, that poverty is linked to crime and our prolonged recession is making things worse. But often, crimes are committed outside of the core areas of poverty, causing a skewing of these crime statistics. Street Smart's data is far more complex than simple crime statistics and far more accurate.

As informative as the article is, knowing the 10 most dangerous cities is only a small part of keeping you or your family safe. Let's face it, if you're travelling on business, visiting family, vacationing or a college student whose university is located in or near, you will not likely avoid the city altogether.  This is where Street Smart lends value to every day travel and to keeping you safe. With over 7000 locations identified across the United States, Street Smart's audio and visual alerts will keep you informed, aware and safer.

Below is a table that shows the number of areas that Street Smart has identified as 'potentially unsafe' within the cities ranked as the Top 10 Most Dangerous. These areas mapped within Street Smart will allow you to make educated decisions about fuels stops, lodging or simply allow you to increase your awareness when you receive a Street Smart alert.

Rank City State

Areas Marked Unsafe

10 Stockton CA 4
9 Rockford IL 3
8 Baltimore MD 14
7 Little Rock AR 5
6 Oakland CA 8
5 Memphis TN 17
4 New Haven CT 4
3 St. Louis MO 20
2 Detroit MI 28
1 Flint MI 3

When traveling in the cities listed above or anywhere throughout the US, Street Smart will provide you with the comfort of knowing if you are in an area that may pose and increased risk to your personal safety or peoperty's security.  

Crime can occur anywhere, but knowing where it is more likely to occur will allow you to use your other street smarts to avoid becoming a victim.

Last Updated on Monday, 31 October 2011 17:39
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